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101 Bowery, Lower East Side, New York City, NY
Free WiFi No Smoking Rooms
New York, New York City, NY Good 7.5
  • "We stayed at the skyline bed and breakfast and the bed room was huge. Very clean. The bed and breakfast is very well located. The swimming pull was too hot and not so clean that was the biggest problem when we entered in the pool we all had the impression though enter in a boiling machine or in a hot tub and it was not a good impression." GOMBERT GOMBERT Review Score; 8.0/10
Disabled Rooms No Smoking Rooms
New York, New York City, NY Good 7.2
  • "Wonderful shuttle service. But room service is not good. Would like to know why different night rent is different?" Sandra Sandra Review Score; 8.3/10
No Smoking Rooms

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