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9.0 Fabulous 349 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 190 yards from city centre
  • "Really nice guest house, walking distance to the town, our room was well equipped and peaceful, free WIFI, parking and a huge breakfast. Very reasonably priced too! " Cornelius Cornelius
Free WiFi Parking
Rooms from*£25
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7.8 Good 271 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 1.6 mi from city centre
  • "Nice hotel which was a short drive to Dundee city centre and the staff were very friendly. The food served in the restaurant was excellent." zara witchell zara witchell
Free WiFi Free Parking
Rooms from*£35
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9.3 Superb 137 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 0.4 mi from city centre
  • "I’ve stayed here a couple of times for business and it’s a nice hotel, the rooms are clean and comfy with nice furnishing and good amenities. It’s right opposite the train station and good for the town centre." Eduardo Eduardo
Free WiFi Parking Disabled Rooms
Rooms from*£49
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8.5 Very Good 79 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 2.4 mi from city centre
  • "I know most people are going to look at this hotel, check the name, and then probably make their decision from there. I’ve no problem with that, it’s probably what I’d do in the situation. But I wanted to say a bit of a thank you to the staff, who went above and beyond my expectations. Very well trained." Win Win
Free WiFi Free Parking Disabled Rooms
Rooms from*£49
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8.7 Fabulous 113 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 2.5 mi from city centre
  • "Found this hotel pretty easily, found that there was a lot of parking spaces available. And the check in was quick. When you’re in a rush, stuff like this really matters. I’ve experienced similar things with this chain before, but this was the first time I’d been in this Dundee branch. Suitably impressed." Richard Cockcroft Richard Cockcroft
Free WiFi Free Parking Disabled Rooms
Rooms from*£49
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8.6 Fabulous 1042 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 4.7 mi from city centre
  • "Will say it right off the bat: was happy with everything at the Best Western Woodlands Hotel. I normally find that, with these interviews, people only come online to moan and so on. But wanted to be a bit positive and mention that everyone there seemed to be doing a very good job." TheTates TheTates
Free WiFi Free Parking Indoor Pool Disabled Rooms Fitness Room
Rooms from*£32
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8.9 Fabulous 1440 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 1.9 mi from city centre
  • "Spent all of a week up in Dundee, staying in this place. Wasn’t right dead in the town centre, but felt the location was much better. In fact, you got a bit of a nice garden, plus the access was very easy anyway. Best of both world, really. Could relax a lot in the room because of this." Carol McCann Carol McCann
Free WiFi Free Parking Disabled Rooms
Rooms from*£41
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8.8 Fabulous 1980 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 470 yards from city centre
  • "It was pretty much exactly as I expected, especially having stayed with the hotel chain before, but was still very good. I knew that the rooms would be clean, as well as the breakfast being free. But there’s credit for the staff in that they managed to do everything very, very well. Efficient, to say the least." Hayley2979 Hayley2979
Free WiFi Parking Disabled Rooms
Rooms from*£43
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8.4 Very Good 1351 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 3.5 mi from city centre
  • "I know it’s a chain hotel but I can’t help but be impressed by the standards being set at this place. I’ve been twice now and I’ve yet to encounter a member of staff who was anything less than charming. The rooms have always been big, the cleanliness is unequivocal, and there’s even a swimming pool. Excellent." Lyndsey Lyndsey
Free WiFi Free Parking Indoor Pool Fitness Room
Rooms from*£46
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8.1 Very Good 1823 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 170 yards from city centre
  • "When I walked up the steps to get in the hotel, found myself thinking ‘I might be in for a treat here.’ Despite the price, seemed much more luxurious than I was expecting, a very nice looking building. Good value, then. Plus, the room wasn’t half bad. Very comfortable, in fact. Can recommend it to others." Mrs mandy Sutton Mrs mandy Sutton
Free WiFi Free Parking Disabled Rooms
Rooms from*£49
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8.8 Fabulous 74 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 6.1 mi from city centre
  • "Beautifully located with lovely walks and dog friendly. The lodge was warm, comfortable and well equipped and breakfast was excellent throughout. An excellent resort with activities, we will be returning." Fiona Fiona
Free WiFi Free Parking Pets Allowed
Rooms from*£56
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8.9 Fabulous 449 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 3.6 mi from city centre
  • "Can definitely recommend this bed and breakfast for those who want to visit Dundee. I’ve been to the city a few times, so I’ve gotten to know the various options. To me, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. The pool is an especially vital part of that, I use it whenever I visit." James Johnstone James Johnstone
Free WiFi Free Parking Indoor Pool Disabled Rooms Fitness Room
Rooms from*£53
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8.5 Very Good 2172 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 290 yards from city centre
  • "I’ll admit that I picked it originally because of how close it was to the riverfront, felt that’d be important when I was going to visit Dundee. But there’s plenty of other things to recommend these rooms. Free internet might be one. En suites, power showers, and clean rooms might be another. Lots of reasons, really." Jane and Micheal Didcote Jane and Micheal Didcote
Free WiFi Pets Allowed
Rooms from*£54
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9.2 Superb 2804 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 0.4 mi from city centre
  • "Thrilled to have been able to stay at the Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa for a couple of nights. Work conference actually got cancelled, so was able to make use of the pool and other facilities. Really quite relaxing, much more so than I was expecting for the week." Chris Chris
Free WiFi Free Parking Disabled Rooms Fitness Room
Rooms from*£59
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8.7 Fabulous 160 Reviews
Dundee, Scotland - 3.8 mi from city centre
  • "The fixtures and the fittings in the room were all I needed to confirm the quality. I’ve stayed in a bad bed and breakfast too often not to notice the warning signs when I see them and, I’m happy to say, that wasn’t the case here. Instead, I had a warm, comfortable, well-managed, well-maintained, and clean room. Thanks." SB SB
Free WiFi Free Parking
Rooms from*£60
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