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  • "The location is good, close to the centre and has some parking which you have to pay for. My room was fairly basic but clean and comfortable, however I had a shared bathroom. The staff were friendly and helpful and there was a good breakfast in the morning." Dorma Dorma
Free WiFi No Smoking Rooms
  • "Not quite sure how to describe this hotel. I’d like to say simple, but I think that’s selling the room short a bit. It was easy, I guess. Very streamlined. Maybe professional? Basically, everything was taken care of with ease. When you’re visiting on business, this sort of stress free approach is a godsend." Mr T Jameson Mr T Jameson
Free WiFi Pets Allowed Disabled Rooms No Smoking Rooms
  • "In a good central location close to train/bus, shops, eateries. An older type hotel well refurbished, bright and airy rooms attractively furnished and decorated. All the staff provided good service. We would not hesitate to use again and only 30 mins from the airport which is good." Colleen Colleen
Free WiFi Pets Allowed Disabled Rooms No Smoking Rooms
Aberdeen Fabulous 8.9
  • "Although I visit Aberdeen on a fairly regular basis on business, this was my first stay at the Garden Inn. The location is good plus there is a car park. My room was quiet, clean and comfortable. Breakfast had good choices and was buffet style. A good stay, I would use again." Bradley Budolph Bradley Budolph
Free WiFi Disabled Rooms Fitness Room No Smoking Rooms
Aberdeen Very Good 8.5
  • "A nice hotel, free parking, close to the beach and an easy walk to the centre. All the staff were nice, rooms are spacious and clean, breakfast was excellent. Would definitely stay again." DeanKA76 DeanKA76
Free WiFi Free Parking Pets Allowed Disabled Rooms Fitness Room No Smoking Rooms
  • "Won’t dwell too much on the exterior of the hotel. One of those sorts of buildings you see most places. Instead, I’d focus on the interval aspects. The staff, for example, seemed to be doing a great job in keeping everyone happy. Very efficient. Rooms were clean and comfortable. Certainly worth the money." Bill Bill
Free WiFi Disabled Rooms No Smoking Rooms
  • "Top class experience at this hotel, felt like I was getting a much more luxurious stay than I’d actually paid for. Guess that’s a roundabout way of saying it was good value for money, but want to emphasise that it was pretty top class. Customer service, décor, breakfast – all of it befitting a much more expensive place." PaulC PaulC
Free WiFi Disabled Rooms No Smoking Rooms
Aberdeen Fabulous 9.0
  • "I definitely liked the hotel more than the usual fare. I travel fairly regularly, for both work and pleasure, so I’ve developed a bit of an eye for these things. I know when a place has earned its stars, for example, and this is one of them. Exceptionally clean and tidy, well equipped, and good furniture." Jacky Jacky
Free WiFi Free Parking Pets Allowed No Smoking Rooms
  • "Centrally located close to everything, ideal for a night out or a business trip. Rooms are modern, very clean and comfortable. There is a nice lounge and bar area to relax in. The buffet breakfast was great." Vincent Rally77 Vincent Rally77
Free WiFi Pets Allowed Disabled Rooms No Smoking Rooms
  • "First time I’ve stayed in what I’d classify as a proper four/five star place. Bit of luxury, for once. Normally, I’m more for the smaller places but I will admit that this was very nice. Everything seemed to be taken care of. Fair does to the staff, working very hard the whole time. Underground car park was useful, too." Rod Rod
Free WiFi Pets Allowed Disabled Rooms No Smoking Rooms
  • "Centrally located close to everything. We had a friendly and efficient check in and were pleased with our room and also with our breakfast which was really enjoyable. A good stay and we can recommend." Keith Keith
Free WiFi Disabled Rooms Fitness Room No Smoking Rooms
  • "You can find out a lot of information about Skene House Holborn online, all the minor details that are probably essential. So, I won’t bother mentioning all that. What it’s hard to find out is the customer service. I’ll save you the trouble of wondering. It’s excellent. Among the best I’ve experienced, really." Alison Hughes Alison Hughes
Free WiFi Free Parking Pets Allowed No Smoking Rooms
Aberdeen Superb 9.2
  • "Now, I’ve stayed in a hotel in places across the country, but there’s not many like this place. On the outside, I mean, it looks nice and everything, but get on the inside and that’s where the real appeal is in my opinion. The lighting, the furniture, and practically everything else. Wonderful stuff." FA FA
Free WiFi Free Parking Disabled Rooms No Smoking Rooms
Aberdeen Very Good 8.2
  • "Seeing as work sends me up to Aberdeen on a pretty regular basis, you’d think I knew every single room in the city by now. But this was a new one on me. It’s up there with the best of them, as well. Was travelling for pleasure this time, so maybe that’s why they’re new. Very luxurious." Leckie Leckie
Free WiFi Free Parking Pets Allowed Disabled Rooms Fitness Room No Smoking Rooms
Aberdeen Fabulous 8.9
  • "With all my experience of visiting this specific hotel, I really don’t see myself staying anywhere else. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been back and forth when visiting my daughter. Location is spot on for me, close to her various flats, the campus, and all the highlights. I’m always treated very well." Ann Ann
Free WiFi Free Parking Disabled Rooms Fitness Room No Smoking Rooms
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Tourist Info

Known to most as the 'granite city', it can be found on Scotland's north east coast, about 120 miles from stately Edinburgh. This harbourside city has a striking work ethic and has long been considered the powerhouse of the region, with a petroleum industry that has allowed oil money to pour in through the waterways.

The city's harbour is a great place to start any exploration, and it's also where, if you're really lucky, you might spot the resident pod of dolphins playing offshore. This is a working harbour of course, with a great many boats and ships coming and going, so while it might not be the most picturesque in the world, it does give real insight into what keeps this city moving.

Just a little way north of the city centre and a short walk from the harbour, you'll find the Old Town. Here is where Bishop Elphinstone founded the university now known as the University of Aberdeen, an institution justly famous for its stunning architecture and collegiate atmosphere. Whilst you're enjoying the sights, be sure to visit Marischal College. Founded in 1593 and built in an incredible Gothic style, it was later merged with King's College in 1860 to become the thriving modern university many students call home today.

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From the old town, you can quite easily access Aberdeen Beach, a sandy expanse with beautiful views over the choppy North Sea and a lovely place to take a windswept walk. In the city centre, away from the brisk north east winds, you'll be quietly stunned by the city's architecture. Completely built in the granite that was sourced locally from Rubislaw Quarry until it closed, Aberdeen's walls tend to glint a silvery glow in the city's low sunlight, although when the clouds bear down and the rain comes in, it does have a tendency to feel a little on the grey side.

There's plenty to distract and delight in the centre of the city, however, and many ways to take shelter should those famous rains start to fall. Here you'll find the art gallery which has the benefit of being free, but is also home to a range of contemporary art by both Scottish and English artists, as well as some beautiful pre-Raphaelite works by local son William Dyce.

The Maritime Museum is another great way to while away a few hours, and offers vast insight into the city's biggest industry. The entire museum revolves around a huge three storey replica of a North Sea oil rig, while other parts of the museum delve a little deeper into what the city's maritime history would have looked like with industries such as whaling, fishing and ship building taking centre stage.

Outside of the city you'll find plenty more to discover, not least of which are Balmoral Castle, summer home to the royal family and Dunnottar Castle, a ninth century behemoth which was used as the film set for Zeffirelli's adaptation of Hamlet. Set on a three-sided cliff overlooking the crashing waves of the North Sea, it's hard to imagine a more dramatic position on the Scottish coast. Meanwhile, to the east of the city lies true whisky country with more distilleries than you could hope to visit in just one trip.

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