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Discover Turkey

Are you looking for a land of beauty and contrasts, where you can combine the comfort and convenience of modern hotels, shops and nightclubs with the chance to explore ancient ruins and to sample the unique culture? If so, then Turkey is the place for you. From traditional villages to cosmopolitan cities, Turkey has something to offer everyone. Evidence of Turkey's rich history can be found throughout the country, with a number of historical sites and structures to discover throughout its towns and cities. A diverse landscape offers you the chance to explore pristine beaches, ranging from busy resorts to secluded coastal areas, green valleys and majestic mountain scenery with a number of hiking routes for the more adventurous traveller to explore.

Top Turkish attractions

With a history that has been influenced by a number of cultures, Turkey has a wealth of fascinating historical attractions for you to explore, including Roman aqueducts, the oldest church in the world, castles that witnessed the crusades and striking Ottoman palaces. If you are looking for top historical attractions, do not miss the chance to see the well-preserved Roman ruins of Ephesus and the Mausoleum of Mausolus, located in Bodrum and listed as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Istanbul offers a variety of historical and cultural attractions, including a number of museums, while sports fans can visit the home of Turkish Formula One Grand Prix. Having around 5,000 miles of coastline, Turkey's beaches will offer you the ideal spot to relax and enjoy the warm weather while you gaze out over clear blue waters, or try one of the many watersport activities on offer.

Where to stay in Turkey

Whatever your taste and budget, Turkey has accommodation for you. Hotels, beach resorts and villas are available in coastal areas, with popular coastal holiday destinations including Bodrum, Antalya, offering beautiful beaches and access to a variety of cultural attractions, and Dalaman which is an ideal destination if you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday surrounded by a picturesque landscape. Turkish cities will offer you accommodation ranging from budget guesthouses to boutique hotels, and accommodation in rural villages is also available if you are looking to explore the Turkish countryside.

Food and drink

Turkey's multicultural history has led to its traditional cuisine incorporating a variety of wonderful flavours and cooking styles from different cultures, including Mediterranean, Asian and Middle summern influences. Do not miss the chance to try traditional dishes such as dolma, kofte, and the original Turkish delight, lokum, or drinks such as Turkish coffee, sweet and strong, and the aniseed-flavoured alcoholic beverage, raki.

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