1. Our Responsibility to You.
We (Lodging World Ltd) will give you a free listing to advertise your property on our site for your location. We will not charge you any commissions on any bookings you receive from us. We reserve the right to decline any listing that does not reach our minimum standards or is not suitable for any reason.

Your listing won't feature in real-time searches on destination pages. Guests will click on to your listing where they can book with you directly via a link to your own booking page/platform, or by email form.

2. Your Responsibility to Us.
You (The owner or authorised agent or manager of the property) agree that in return for a free listing, that you will add a members badge on your site (using the html supplied). You agree that we may use photos and information from your website, from which we will create your listing.

3. Severability.
Any party may cancel this agreement at any time by written notice to our offices or by email.

4. Booking Contracts.
Any contract for accommodation will exist between you and the guest. We will not be part of any contract between you and guest, and will require no fee or commission for providing these services to you.

5. Activation Of Your Listing.
We will activate your new static listing once we verify you have placed our members badge on your website using our html.

6. Intellectual Property, Photos, Images & Text Copy.
You agree that we may use information from your website to create your listing including passing us the rights and permissions to use photographs which you or someone else may own the copyright of. In the event someone other than yourself owns the copyright of any image or photo we use in the creation of your listing from your website, you agree to exonerate us from any fees that may be demanded from such copyright owners.

7. Modifications to This Agreement.
Lodging-World.com reserves the right to modify or change the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time by giving you 30 days notice by email to your registered email address. Your continued use of this website after any modification of this agreement constitutes an acceptance of any such modification.

8. Performance Subject to Existing Laws.
Lodging-World.com's performance of this agreement is subject to existing laws. Nothing contained in this agreement is in derogation of Lodging-World.com's right to comply with law enforcement request or requirements relating to your use of this website or information provided to or gathered by Lodging-World.com with respect to your use of this website.