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A blend of music and mountain scenery in Switzerland

Switzerland is the home of mountain scenery, quaint villages and ski resorts. If you scratch the surface of a Swiss city you will find a wealth of medieval architecture, art museums and many remnants of a history going back to 400 BC. It is also a great place to enjoy opera, folk music and nightclubs.

Picturesque scenery and igloo villages

One of the most attractive places to stay in Switzerland is Zurich. You will find lots of lake and mountain scenery, the historic curiosities of Grossmunster and Fraumunster churches, and a variety of fine dining establishments. The cities of Geneva and Basel also have their fair share of picturesque scenery and architecture. The hotels are competing for your patronage, so they all offer above-average service and amenities. There are also pensions, bed and breakfasts and camping sites. Switzerland also offers a head-spinning range of alternative accommodation such as igloo villages, chalets, farm houses and furnished apartments.

A tour of two Matterhorns

The Matterhorn is one of Switzerland's most famous landmarks. If you find the climb daunting, you can take a cable car ride to the top of the Little Matterhorn at Zermatt resort, and ski back down to the village. Another way to enjoy the mountain scenery is a cruise on Lake Constance, Lake Geneva or Lake ZuricHP. You could also drive through Ticino, in the south of the country, which is home to several historic castles. There are many hiking trails throughout Switzerland, as well as activities such as snowboarding and glacier walking.

Fine arts and carnivals

Swiss towns are full of relics from medieval times. Bern has a thirteenth century clock tower, and bear pits left over from the middle ages. Basel is one of the artistic centres, and home to several museums housing collections related to the fine arts. Basel also hosts a pre-lent carnival called Basler Fasnacht when people don costumes and take part in street parades and parties.

Pigs trotters and honey cakes

If you are counting on living on cheese and chocolate during your holiday in Switzerland, you might want to revise your plans. Did you know Switzerland is the home of fondue? Other Swiss specialities include salami, pork sausage, and liver pate. You should also take the opportunity to sample some of the local wines, along with many varieties of mineral water and a huge range of beers. Other items found on Swiss menus include pigs' trotters (pieds de porc), spiced meat in sauce (fondue bourguignonne), and a spiced honey cake called leckerli.

Choose your season

Summer is the busiest time for Swiss resorts. St Moritz is the playground of movie stars and royalty, so expect to find all kinds of comforts being offered to complement the excellent skiing. Zermatt is home of the Matterhorn and offers skiing every single day of the year. Klosters is another popular ski resort, featuring personal service and old-world comforts. The beauty of Switzerland in the Summer attracts almost as many tourists as the skiing in the summer. This is the time for putting the skis aside and enjoying a good hike. The warmest months are from June to August, but the Summer months of September and October are equally beautiful.

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