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The quaint villages and sunny shores of Portugal

Portugal is a major destination for golf lovers and people seeking to unwind on a sunny beacHP. The cities hold many undiscovered treasures. For instance, if you are looking for exotic scenery and atmospheric side streets, the cities of Porto and Lisbon have a lot to offer. Outside the cities are ancient villages, quaint vineyards and sunny shores.

Variations of hospitality

Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve offer a range of hotels from the very basic to the ultimate in luxury. There are members of the usual international hotel chains, but staying in one of the locally owned hotels will put you in touch with the home-grown centres of hospitality. An alternative to a hotel is a pousada. Pousadas are palaces, convents and monasteries bought up by the government and converted into tourist accommodation./p>

The land of golf and horse riding

Portugal attracts golfing tourists to its range of first class courses, but many golfers recommend Quinta do Lago in the Algarve. Golf is not the only sport on offer. There are many horse riding centres throughout the country. Numerous visitors to Portugal also take the opportunity to gaze into the distance from the craggy cliffs of Cabo de Sao Vicente, near Sagres. For dramatic scenery and a touch of adventure, you should not miss Peneda-Geres, the only national park in Portugal. There is also the Coa Valley Archaeological Park which features rock carvings dating from 22,000 BC. History of another kind is found at Estoril racetrack where motorcycle and car races are held.

The cultural life of Portugal

Portugal was once a major player in the spice and slavery markets. As a result, it was visited and settled by sailors from Spain, France, Britain and Holland. The influence of these cultures has affected the food, music and architecture of Portugal, giving the cultural life an exotic flavour. If you appreciate the aroma of history, there are towns such as Evora, whose old quarters feature streets, churches and buildings from the fifteenth century. Evora is also home to many sites of megalithic relics and prehistoric cave paintings.

Beach resorts and spectacular sunsets

Portugal has several major beach resorts which were once sleepy fishing villages. Vilamoura and Albufeira are examples of these popular spots which offer a variety of water sports and all the creature comforts you expect from a resort. There is also the island of Porto Santo, which offers a largely untouched landscape where you can relax on the beach without being bothered by huge crowds. The Alentejo area is an ideal Summer holiday destination, with spectacular sunsets, Roman ruins, and a chapel decorated with human bones.

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