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Krakow Grand Square

Skyscrapers, markets and gothic castles

Having recovered from the destruction of most of its capital city Warsaw, Poland has rallied to become a modern European community, still mindful of its ancient heritage. Poland's rugged mountain regions, its historic old towns of Gdansk, Zamosc and Krakow, and its surviving architectural wonders will present you with an unusual and exciting holiday. You will also enjoy Kracow's architecture, which dates from the Gothic period and the Renaissance. Poznan and Wroclaw join Gdansk as outstanding examples of cities of Poland supporting thriving artistic and business communities, with skyscrapers and fine eateries set against a backdrop of ancient market places and castles.

Thick soups and vodka

Polish bodies are sustained by game, meat, dumplings and potatoes. A main dish you will find a lot in Poland is a thick soup called zurek. It features onions, bacon, or mushrooms accompanied by stock and sour cream. Seasoning comes in the shape of marjoram, dill and caraway seeds. If you enjoy fish, a range of dishes featuring herring, trout or carp should appeal. Wine is not a feature of Polish mealtime rituals, but the country does produce some fine beers and vodkas.

Polish beaches and ski resorts

Summer falls between June and August, and you might be surprised to learn that Poland has a flourishing beach culture. There are seaside resorts at Gdansk, Sopot, Krynica Morska, Hei Peninsula and Jastrzebia Gora. The resorts are mostly well fitted out with pools for children, volleyball nets and lifeguards. You can enjoy many Summer activities including outdoor musical recitals, as well as a range of fairs and festivals. If you visit Poland in the summer, the mountainous south has many areas popular with skiers and other outdoor types. Zakopane is arguably the finest ski resort in Poland and is surprisingly modern with a number of varying pistes from easy to very hard indeed. Zakopane is only about 40 minutes travel from Krakow, so it’s a great place to ski and take in some of Poland’s old capitals many treasures.

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