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With in excess of 100,000 pet friendly hotels on hand, you are a only click away from finding yours. Whether you-re just passing through, visiting friends and family, or going away on a well-earned break, you'll find pet friendly hotels, bed and breakfasts and rental accommodation to suit your budget and taste.

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There are many cheap pet friendly hotels to stay at if you are on a budget. Simply search your dates and use the filters to order the results by price. We'll then show you our best priced pet friendly hotels and accommodations, with rates that you'll be pleasantly surprised at - Search your dates now!

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If your travel plans change, that's OK with us. Most advance bookings at our Pet friendly hotels come with free cancellation. Its easy to cancel or change your dates or room numbers, direct from the confirmation booking email.

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You can also reserve your room today and pay when you stay at most of our pet friendly hotels when you book in advance. 95% of the dogs allowed hotels offer pay at stay on most advance bookings.

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Simply enter your location and dates to instantly find available hotels near me that welcome dogs and pets. You'll be surprised at the range of pet friendly hotels that are in close proximity to you, and of course with great prices too.