0% commissions on all bookings
No booking fees and no commissions. We charge an annual fee based on the type of property or the number of rooms in your accommodation.
How does it work?
Your property is advertised on our city & town pages with guests making bookings with you direct via an email reservation form. 93% of our guests click on the properties they like when browsing our site.
We’re already on your site via Booking.com
If you prefer not to pay expensive commissions we can remove your listing with booking.com on our site. We'll then set you up with a 0% commission based listing for a small annual fee. We’ll place you higher up the page than our booking.com listings so you’ll get more bookings.
You control who stays
You decide which bookings you want to accept. Bookings are made via an email reservation form therefore you are in complete control of who stays with you.
No need to update your closed rooms
No updating of closed rooms or your availability calendar required. This is a no hassle listing putting you in full control of your availability & prices.
Email us for a quote for your property
Please email us at admin@lodging-world.com and include the name of your property and location. We'll take a look at it online and provide you with an annual cost.