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Folktales and festivals in Germany

Cities in Europe sometimes appear to be too big and too busy, but those in Germany seem to have the balance just right. German cities house commerce, government and people without making travel a nightmare. The German people love living there, and thousands of tourists visit annually. Germany also has its picturesque villages and tranquil rivers set against a backdrop of mountains, and when tourists think of holidays in Germany, they usually imagine folktales, castle turrets and beer festivals.

Cathedrals, ruins and the Berlin Wall

Berlin is a popular destination for tourists, not just because it is the capital, but because of its bustling multicultural community. Berlin is also a destination for people interested in history who want to see the scars left by World War II, and the famous wall that divided the city for many years. The city of Erfurt was once the home of Martin Luther, and was where Johann Bernhard Bach was born.

Historic ruins and colourful history

The river Rhine winds through hilly countryside populated by historic ruins. The small towns that have taken root by the river are little gems of historic significance for tourists interested in Germany's heritage. Munich's Oktoberfest has been a popular occasion for visitors to Germany since 1810. One of the best-known German landscapes is the gothic Cologne Cathedral, while the Brandenburg Gate is of equal historical importance for visitors, with a modern relationship to the unification of East and West Berlin. No visit to Germany would be complete without seeing Neuschwanstein Castle; its presence on countless postcards and calendars reminds the world of Germany's colourful history.

The cultural melting pot

Germany is more than tombs, churches and historic ruins. There are festivals in many parts of the country at all times of the year. Germany has a large number of museums housing relics of the past. Places such as the Bavarian National Museum, Schirn Art Gallery and Stadel Museum are treasure troves of German history. An important part of the culture of modern Berlin is the burgeoning music industry, and the blossoming street art, both fed by the influx of artists and musicians from other regions of Europe and the world. Berlin also has a diverse multicultural community containing elements of the Japanese, Turkish and Vietnamese cultures.

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