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The hidden depths of Belgium

Visit Belgium to discover its hidden depths: three languages, delicious chocolate and fascinating towns such as Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges. An added advantage is that you can tour the whole country in a week. For people interested in Belgium's culture, there are over 80 museums of different types in Brussels alone. World War II buffs will be interested in the Bastogne Historical Centre. There are other museums that deal with elements of Belgium's more ancient past. For food lovers, every part of Belgium has its own unique cuisine. Wine, beer, cream and butter are common elements of Belgian food.

A country of medieval charm

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, and a great place to begin soaking up the country's mediaeval charm. The cobbled streets, imposing town hall, and the ultramodern Magritte museum will keep you fascinated. Antwerp is the second city of Belgium, and the centre for the diamond trade, the arts, and modern fashion. There is quite a range of accommodation on offer in the cities, from luxury hotels to pensions. There are also campsites, hostels and farm holidays scattered around the country.

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