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You get a 6-month free listing - no fees and no commissions. Your property is advertised on our city & town pages and guests make bookings with you direct via an email reservation form. You also get a property page which will rank highly on Google bringing you extra bookings, free for the first 6 months.

No need to update your sold rooms
For the first 6 months bookings are managed on an email reservation request basis, therefore you don't need to update your sold rooms. After 6 months your listing moves to a commission model where you pay a commission for confirmed bookings. Commission rates start at 3%.

What's the catch for a free listing?
For a free 6-month free listing all we require from you is to display our members badge on your accommodation website. After 6 months you will get heavily discounted commission rates if you retain the badge on your website.

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To add your property free, simply fill out the form below. You will need to have your own property website for us to take images and information from.

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