Chequers Inn

Bilton In Ainsty, York, England, YO26 7NN
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  • What are the room prices at The Chequers Inn in York?

    Prices depend on the dates you want to stay at The Chequers Inn, however you an get up to 70% OFF rates on selected nights - Search your dates now to see deals & offers!

  • How many rooms are there at The Chequers Inn?

    There are 3 rooms at The Chequers Inn offering accommodation in double, twin and single format. Rooms suitable for families and children can be made up subject to notice and availability.

  • Is there Free Parking at The Chequers Inn in York?

    Yes, Free parking is available at The Chequers Inn in York. Please inform us if you require parking as spaces may be limited.

  • Is there Free WiFi at The Chequers Inn?

    Yes, Free WiFi is available at The Chequers Inn.

  • Is The Chequers Inn pet friendly?

    Yes, pets and dogs are welcome at The Chequers Inn. Please use the special requests box when booking to inform the property of the type and number of pets you wish to bring. The Chequers Inn will contact you to conform if your booking can be honoured (based on the availability of pet suitable rooms for your dates).

  • Does The Chequers Inn have rooms for disabled guests?

    Regretfully The Chequers Inn does not have any rooms or facilities for disabled guests.

  • Does The Chequers Inn have non smoking rooms?

    Yes, The Chequers Inn has no smoking rooms for your comfort and convinience.

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